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Building sustainable impact – Monitoring & Evaluation in an Organisation Development Framework

29. Mai 2017, 10:00 - 2. Juni 2017, 17:00

Intensive 5 Day Professional Training, 29th May – 2nd June

The concepts of change and learning are central in an ever-changing fast-paced world. NGOs, foundations and other civil society organisations supporting complex social development face the challenge of implementing programmes and projects that are equally innovative and sustainable in order to stay relevant. While constantly driving for change organisations need a strong strategic compass and the will to continuously learn and develop competences to stay on track and achieve the envisaged results. This twofold objective is a call for organisations to develop and learn in a systematic and sustained way.

How do we support organisations on this journey to innovation and sustainable impact?

Building Sustainable Impact is an intensive five-day professional development training. Focusing on impact the training links strategy to programme and project development and evaluation to organisational learning. Due to its strategic emphasis, the training is ideal for programme managers and directors of organisations striving to achieve social change as well as organisational development (OD) practicioners and those responsible for the fields of monitoring and evaluation (M&E).

Participant Fee: 950 EUR
Early bird booking: 850 EUR until 1st March 2017

May 29th until June 2nd in Berlin, Tempelhofer Ufer 21 (U-Bahn Möckernbrücke)

Contact: Andreas Knoth, training@socius.de

Take aways

Directors and Programme Managers will familiarize themselves with tools to develop and implement a strategic (overview) perspective that ensures long term effectiveness, adaptability and pertinence of their organisations and programmes.

M&E Practitioners will gain knowledge on how to link project- and programme related impact chains and indicators with the strategic level of the organisation and will find out how to embed M&E systems in an organisational learning framework.

OD Practitioners will get acquainted with strategic M&E practices and how to apply them to create more coherence between organisational structures and project implementation.

SOCIUS Building Sustainable ImpactDue to the interactive learning approach of the training, participants will benefit from practical concepts & tools and open professional exchange in this training. SOCIUS has close to two decades of experience in working with international NGOs, both, in the field of organisational change as well as in the evaluation of development projects and funding programmes. Supporting organisations to effect sustainable impact, i.e. changing the world for the better today but also being healthy and strong in this effort tomorrow, is a vital part of our mission.

Day 1:
Change and Learning

This unit represents the conceptual foundation of the course. We will reflect on the way change continuously happens within systems (emergence) and how we can facilitate it in a positive way (design). We will discuss state of the art models and approaches on social change, providing comprehensive insights a personal level and with regard to organisational and environmental implications. Equally, we will explore the concept of learning and unlearning from a psychological and systemic perspective. Finally, we propose a conceptual frame for change and learning in projects and organisations.

.    Social Development and the Innovation Spiral
.    The Concept of Emergence in Systems Theory
.    Psychological Theories of Learning and Behavioral Change
.    Organizing and the Action Learning Cycle

Day 2:
From Strategy to Project Development

We frame strategy as the way by which an organisation aims to achieve change – a key element to guide and direct the common efforts and contributions of every stakeholder. We will examine how clarity on vision, mission and values can guide the development of impactful programmes and projects. On the tools level we will introduce dynamic approaches to strategy crafting and will examine how the model by which an organisation transforms outcomes into impacts – such as scaling, best practice or partnering approaches – can be developed as a strategic competence.

.    Vision and Mission Development
.    Opportunity Driven Strategy Approach
.    Impact Compass and Strategic Competence
.    Collective Impact Strategies

Day 3:
From Project Development to Monitoring & Evaluation

We understand projects as “action containers” in the process of implementing organisational strategy. In this unit we will offer tools and perspectives supporting rigor and logic in project design, while at the same time focusing on open frameworks for collaborative creativity and user centered development such as Design Thinking. Consistent with the Outcome Mapping approach we will define desired behavioral changes of direct and indirect target groups as a comprehensive indicator set for project outcomes. By mapping the impact logic of programmes and projects we will establish the conceptual link between design and evaluation.

.    Analytic Development:
Problem Tree Analysis
.    Creative Development:
Design Thinking Approach
.    Developing a Theory of
Change and Intervention
.    Defining Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes and Impacts

Day 4:
From M&E to Organisational Learning

We move away from complex models and approach M&E as an intuitive way to reflect and learn from what we have done and achieved. Instead of a legitimizing evaluation mode that is so often about building facades we will explore ways of reflection and learning that are both, instructive and manageable. With the M&E toolbox established we will furthermore examine ways of strategically rooting Monitoring and Evaluation practices within the organisation and ensuring that M&E works as a continuous feedback loop into the organisation to facilitate learning and development.

.    Tracking Behavioral Change – Outcome Mapping (OM) Practice
.    Further Evaluation Approaches: Rapid Appraisal, Most Significant Change (MSC)
.    Building blocks of integrated M&E Systems
.    Single and Double Loop Learning

Day 5:
From Organisational Development to Strategy

Organisational Development is a deliberate participative process of organisational change. It interacts with and needs to relate to internal system dynamics and relationships as well as environmental changes. In this unit we will review the phase model of organisational dynamics and reflect on how learning can be facilitated in sync with this inherent dynamic. Furthermore, we will introduce tools for assessing and developing organisational structures and cultural norms with regard to their impact on strategy.

.    Phase Model of Organisational Dynamics
.    Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning
.    Diagnostic Tools (Analysis of Structure, Process, Culture)
.    Architecture of OD Processes

SOCIUS Building Sustainable Impact


Andreas KnothAndreas Knoth
is Managing Director of SOCIUS and facilitates organisation development and strategy processes in the nonprofit and public sectors since 2002. He has multiple years of international working experience with NGOs and foundations as a project and programme manager and has lead various research and evaluation projects.

Joana EbbinghausJoana Ebbinghaus
is a seasoned consultant/trainer looking back on many years of experience in the field of governance, community empowerment and conflict prevention, 4,5 years of which she worked on a GIZ regional programme in Indonesia on local governance and self-help driven poverty reduction.

Juan Pablo Escorcia Juan Pablo Escorcia
is a consultant and trainer with over 15 years’ experience offering trainings, project evaluations, consultation in organisational development and coaching. He has worked with a wide range of clients that include private companies, public institutions, International NGOs and educational institutions.

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29. Mai 2017, 10:00
2. Juni 2017, 17:00


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