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Team development

The objective of team development is generally to clarify roles and responsibilities in order to strengthen relationships and restore or enhance a team’s performance ability. We pay close attention to existing communication routines, and facilitate experimentation and practice  with new communication models. Workshops for team development can take the form of one-off events or be spread out over longer periods. They can take place in your company or at an inspiring venue outside your everyday work environment.

Supervision and team coaching

Our supervision and team coaching sessions offer space to reflect on your professional practice. Together, we examine your daily routines in an open and respectful atmosphere and jointly explore new opportunities for action, recognition of success and a healthy balance between strong results and personal wellbeing.

Conflict resolution / mediation

Mediation is a method of facilitated conflict resolution. In the course of mediation, we support you, as an ‘„expert’ on your own conflict, in finding solutions. Within a safe framework, we help to make visible the underlying concerns, needs, emotions and wishes related to the conflict in order to develop sustainable solutions for all the parties involved.


SOCIUS Organisationsberatung gemeinnützige GmbH

Tempelhofer Ufer 21, 10963 Berlin
Tel:  +49 +30 40 30 10 2 - 0 (Main line)
Fax: +49 +30 40 30 10 2 - 20
Email: info[at]

Team members and direct dial telephone numbers:

Christian Baier - 24
Joana Ebbinghaus - 29
Kerstin Engelhardt  - 26
Andreas Knoth - 23
Nicola Kriesel  - 25
Denise Noerenberg (Accountent) - 27
Dr. Ralph Piotrowski - 25
Dr. Rudi Piwko - 22
Personal Email: [Surname]

Privacy Policy

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SOCIUS Organisationsberatung GmbH

SOCIUS Organisationsberatung gemeinnützige GmbH
Tempelhofer Ufer 21, 10963 Berlin
Tel: +49 +30 40 30 10 2 - 0 (Main line)
Fax: +49 +30 40 30 10 2 - 20
Email: info[at]

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